Visa Information


All visitors are expected to possess, at the time of entry into Indonesia, the following:

1. A Travel Document/passport valid for a minimum period of 6 (six) months from the end of the proposed journey.

2. Assurance of your re-entry into your country of residence or origin.

3. Return Air Ticket and onward facilities (including visa) to your next destination.

4. Sufficient funds for your stay in Indonesia.

For your information, the Indonesian Immigration Authorities reserve the right to refuse entry into Indonesia.

Bring all necessary supporting documents (Sponsor Letter/Hotel Confirmation, Visa Receipt and Covering Letter) with you when you go to Indonesia as Immigration Officers at the airport might ask for those documents on your arrival.


1. Fill up 1 (one) copy visa application;

2. 2 (two) recent colour passport size photographs with red background;

3. Authorization letter from travel agents (if the applicant apply visa from the travel agent);

4. Request/recommendation letter of the visa applicant;

5. Invitation letter from sponsor in Indonesia (for Business/Social-Culture Single Entry, Limited Stay and Multiple Entry Visas); the sponsor should send invitation letter to Indonesian Embassy through Fax No. (880-2) 8825391 or  (880-2) 58810993;

6. Valid passport or travel document with at least 6 (six) months validity for Single Entry Visa and at least 18 (eighteen) months validity for Limited Stay Entry Visa & Multiple Business Entry Visa, from the date of submission;

7. Photocopy of the passport of the applicant;

8. Photocopy of the Company Trade License;

9. Photocopy of the latest (3 months) Bank Statement of the applicant to cover the cost of living while in Indonesia;

10. Hotel booking only for the Tourist Visa applicant;

11. Proof of the original and copy return ticket (or ticket to continue travel to another country) of the applicant;

12. Proof of the Clearance letter from Indonesian Immigration (Limited Stay).


1. Copy of the Marriage Certificate or a proof of identity for those who are accompanying their spouses (Indonesian spouses) of parents living in Indonesia;

2. Copy of reference/recommendation letter from the institution or specific department/division for those who are assigned to conduct activities in: religious missions/research work in education, social or cultural fields;

3. International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination for those who are coming from or stop over an infected area;

4. Reference/recommendation letter from Airlines Offices (package tour arrangement).

›› FEES:

Single Entry Visas (Tourist, Business and Social) Tk 4,250,- US$ 50,- Rs 4.500,-
Limited Stay Entry Visa ( 06 months ) Tk 4,610,- US$ 55,- Rs 5.340,-
Limited Stay Entry Visa ( 1 year ) Tk 8,930,- US$ 105,- Rs 10.120,-
Limited Stay Entry Visa ( 2 years ) Tk 15,300,- US$ 180,- Rs 17.460,-
Multiple Business Entry Visa Tk 9,350,- US$ 110,- Rs 9.900,-
Clearance telex Tk 1,530,- US$ 18,- Rs 1.750,-

• Delivery of the visa are 3 or 4 working days.›› NOTES:

• Application must be submitted at least 2 (two) weeks prior to the date of departure.

• No additional / extra fees.

Legalization of Document

No Legalization of Document  Consuler fee in TK Consuler fee in US$ Consuler fee Rupee Nepal
1 Drive license   replacement certificate  Tk 1.280,- US$.20,- Rs 1.460,-
2 Identity book (ID Book)  Tk 1.280,- US$.20,- Rs 1.460,-
3 Travel Document letter  Tk 1.280,- US$.20,- Rs 1.460,-
4 Certificate of Business / Business letter  Tk 10.625,- US$.125,- Rs 12.125,-


No Documents Published by Foreign Countries  Consuler fee in TK Consuler fee in US$ Consuler fee Rupee Nepal
1 Business Document  Tk 10.625,- US$.125,- Rs 12.125,-
2 Non-business documents  Tk 2.125,- US$.25,- Rs 2.425,-


1. Is it difficult to obtain visa entering Indonesia?

It is not difficult to obtain visa, if you fill the application form clearly and completely and submit the form together with the required documents

2. How long will it take to obtain visa after submitting visa application?

The visa official will check and approve your application. For the approved application, Visa officer will contact you and inform when you can collect the visa.

3. Some applications may need to get immigration approval from Indonesia immigration authority.

Normally, you may get the approval within three weeks. After we receive the approval, Visa officer will contact you and inform when you can collect the visa.

4. I have submitted visa application for more than three weeks, but I have not obtained the approval. Why?

There are some reasons:

1. Your counterpart in Indonesia did not manage your approval very well

2. The immigration authority is unable to contact your counterpart because the contact number or person can not be reached.

3. the Immigration authority is denied your visa application.

5. Why my application is rejected by the Embassy?

The Embassy has right to reject the visa application because:

1. the applicant submits incomplete documents

2. there is insufficient information on the application

6. Can I submit visa form and required documents by email or fax?

No You can not. You must submit the visa form and required documents completely and directly to the visa counter.


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